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"Cook Around the World" - Free Cooking Classes in Partnership with Happiness House

International Flavours Celebrated in Queenstown


Our "Cook Around the World" series, in partnership with Happiness House, invites locals and newcomers alike to embark on a flavourful exploration of global cuisines.


Held twice a month, each session is dedicated to a different country, offering a unique opportunity to learn about and cook traditional dishes under the guidance of guest chefs who are natives of the featured countries.


These cooking classes do more than just teach recipes; they weave the rich tapestry of cultural heritage through food. Attendees leave with not only new cooking skills but also a deeper appreciation for, and a direct connection to, the cultures that make up our vibrant community.

We are always on the hunt for new people to represent their culture by hosting a Cook Around The World. If you would like to host, please complete our Host Enquiry Form.


Our next Cook Around The World is on 21 May and we're traveling to Mexico! There are still spaces available; learn more about this event and register for a class on our website via button below.

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