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The Language Lounge

Are you new to Queenstown and eager to meet new people while practicing different languages? Or perhaps you're a longtime local who loves sharing your language skills and learning about other cultures?


The Kiwi Kit Community Trust is excited to present the Language Lounge, a dynamic and interactive language exchange event designed to bring people together through the love of languages.

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What is the Language Lounge?

The Language Lounge is an inclusive and welcoming event where participants can practice various languages in a social and relaxed setting.


Inspired by successful language exchange events like Mundo Lingo, the Language Lounge aims to create a vibrant multicultural community in Queenstown.


Whether you're just starting to learn a new language or you're a fluent speaker, this event offers something for everyone!

Language Lounge - The Kiwi Kit Community Trust
How Does It Work?

Upon arrival at the Language Lounge, you'll receive a name tag where you can list the languages you speak. This helps others identify and connect with you based on the languages they are interested in practicing.

Grab yourself a drink or just go for a wander, keeping an eye out for the language you'd like to speak.  Everyone is there to talk, so there's no reason to be shy! Just pick someone and start chatting.


The event is structured to encourage mingling and conversation, with various interactive language games and activities to keep the evening lively and engaging.

Why Should You Attend?​
  • Language Practice: Improve your language skills in a supportive environment. Whether you're brushing up on a language you learned years ago or tackling a new one, the Language Lounge offers a practical and enjoyable way to practice.

  • Community Building: Help create a supportive and inclusive community in Queenstown. By attending the Language Lounge, you'll be contributing to a sense of belonging and unity among residents and newcomers alike.

  • Networking Opportunities: Expand your social and professional networks. Meet people from various backgrounds, forge new friendships, and create valuable connections.

  • Cultural Exchange: Learn about different cultures and share your own experiences. The Language Lounge is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons and appreciate the diversity within Queenstown.

How to Join?

Participation in the Language Lounge is free, but we encourage you to RSVP to ensure we can accommodate everyone comfortably. Visit our Airtable Form to secure your spot and to hear first about any future Language Lounge events!

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