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Join Our Board of Trustees

We're Recruiting...

The The Kiwi Kit Community Trust is seeking passionate and committed individuals to join
our Board of Trustees. As a Trustee, you will provide strategic guidance and oversight to
ensure the effective management and sustainability of TKKCT.


We are looking for Board members to wear different “hats” so there is an area each individual can focus on and lend their strengths to with each initiative delivered to the community.

Available opportunities are:
● Chairperson
● Tangata Whenua Lead
● Accounting/Treasurer/Financial
● Diversity Lead
● Environmental Lead
● Operational/Strategic Planning

Key responsibilities include:
● contributing to the development of policies and programs
● participating in board meetings and discussions
● representing TKKCT in the community

This is an exciting time to join the TKKCT Board, because we are fortunate to have four
years of experience, funding and relationships with key stakeholders established behind
us, but are looking at a fresh canvas to morph into a new entity that meets a wider need in
the community. You can help steer the direction of our rebranding!

Why join the board of trustees?

Shape the Future: You will have a say in defining this new phase of growth and
impact, contributing your ideas, insights, and expertise to drive positive change within
the organisation and the community.
Have a meaningful Impact: Your contributions directly contribute to fostering cultural
diversity, inclusion, and well-being within the Queenstown community. Your efforts will
help create a more inclusive and vibrant community where everyone feels valued,
respected, and empowered to thrive.
Professional Development: Whether you're looking to enhance your leadership skills,
gain experience in governance, or expand your network within the nonprofit sector,
this role provides a platform for personal and professional enrichment.
Networking and Collaboration: Work alongside Trustees, stakeholders, and
community members who share your passion for promoting cultural diversity and
social cohesion and build meaningful partnerships and connections to maximise
Community Engagement: A great opportunity to engage with diverse community
members, cultural groups, and stakeholders to understand their needs, perspectives,
and aspirations and foster dialogue that drives positive change within the community.

Trustee Requirements:

● Demonstrated experience in governance, preferably with experience serving on
nonprofit boards or similar leadership roles.

● A genuine passion for promoting cultural diversity, inclusion, and social cohesion
within the community.
● Excellent communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills.
● Ability to commit to attending monthly board meetings initially, with flexibility to
transition to bi-monthly meetings as needed.
● Experience in financial management or willingness to serve as a Treasurer would be
highly advantageous.


The Kiwi Kit Community Trust does not discriminate based on age, gender-identity, cultural group, religious background, skin colour, belief system, or disabilities.

Time Commitment

There is flexibility to accommodate your schedule and other commitments. Whether you're a
busy professional, a community advocate, university student, or a retiree looking to give
back, this role allows you to make a meaningful contribution on your own terms.
● Initially, 2 hours per month initially for Board meetings while new members inducted
● Transitioning to every other month.
● Depending on the role you take on within the board, your time commitment might
vary in between meetings.


We'd love to hear from you! Please reach out via,
or via the contact form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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